Ask Nepeta

:33 < gay about vriska, that is.

:33 < puuuuuuuurrfect!

:33 < purrhaps you two would be the purrfect matesprits! meowrails, maybe? a hissmeisiship s33ms unlikely, but who knows.

==> Return of the grub.

:33 < no.

And then John zapped the grub away to the brooding caverns and they never saw her again.


Kanaya: Excuse Me For A Moment Will You

:33< gosh, youre so ofurprotective sometimes!

Kanaya: In Any Event, I Don’t Think I Will Be Able To Approach Nepeta Any Time Soon.

Kanaya: If It Makes You Feel Any Better, I Doubt The Egg Will Get Cold Any Time Soon, Either.

Kanaya: Although To Be Honest I Am Uncertain Of The Proper Procedure To Taking Care Of Troll Eggs,

>:OO < *the enfuriated huntress growls in a menacing warning at the cr33py predator*

>:OO < im not purrtain of what im s33ing here but i know i dont want it anywhere near my wriggler!

How Odd. I Wonder What She Wants.